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Give Local! A Partner of the V.I.A.


The Community Foundation of East Central Florida is thrilled to announce Give Local Flagler, Putnam & Volusia, a national day of local giving that will be held here in our community on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. A partnership between the Community Foundation and local nonprofits including The Community Life Center, donors from every neighborhood in our community will come together to raise significant funds for local needs-all on a single day.


This is a big, bold opportunity for our community. We’re joining more than 100 communities across the country to raise millions of dollars for the greater good. And every gift given to local nonprofits will be increased by a national pool of matching funds.

We’re partnering with area nonprofits, businesses and community members to raise funds for local needs. Our giving website makes it easy, safe and fun to give to organizations already doing essential work in our community.

Here are three simple ways you can help:

  • Pledge to give local on on behalf of CLC on May 6th
  • Spread the word (tell friends, share on facebook, co-workers,  etc.)
  • Post this announcement at your business or organization.
  • Make a gift on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at


I have Tickets for Colin’s Dream Park

If you want to get in a great chance to win some money while supporting local youth initiatives, this is a great opportunity!  For just $20 you get a raffle ticket that allows you 31 chances to win anywhere from $100 to $300!  If they can raise $5000, Tony Hawk will match it! Lets get this park built for these kids! Contact Laura for your tickets.  Here’s a link to all the details…you could will up to $4000!!

Meeting Thursday April 3rd at 12:30pm

We will be meeting at the Jane Murray Hall, First Congregational Church, located 201 W. University Ave.  The Executive Board Meeting will be held at 9am at Albertus Cottage, 200 E Rose Ave.

Here’s a note from Mimi about the upcoming program:

“Dottie Pomeroy, chair-man of the month, will introduce Frances Chapman. Born in Charleston, SC when her dad was stationed at the Charleston Naval Base, Frances came to Orange City when she was in fourth grade. She graduated from DeLand High School in 2012.
One important focus of her life has been instru-mental music. A drum major in the marching band, at Gainesville she belongs to the national honorary music soci-ety. She has brought its local chapter, Tri M, to Gainesville, introducing a mentoring program for band and chorus
students at the univer-sity and one to ESOL girls in DeLand High.
Another focus of her life is the Spanish lan-guage. A volunteer on her church’s mission trip to Nicaragua, she served as an interpreter between the staff and local residents.
A sophomore at Gainesville at UF, Fran-ces is currently working on a double major: po-litical science and Ara-bic. She plans to go to law school and hope-fully work in the DC area. She became en-chanted with our na-tion’s capitol when she served as a congrega-tional intern to Con-
gressman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. That semester she used her writing skills to write briefs and do cor-respondence for the congressman. Since then, she has served as a Junior Fellow, partner-ing with a professor at UCF doing research on voter suppression. As a Knight Fellow Associate working in the Bob Graham Center, she is again dealing with public policy.
Members and friends won’t want to miss meeting this gifted young lady on April 3.”