Council Meeting Announcement Postponed

From our President Priscilla Ballasy

Lbutterflyanimation-14adies, I spoke with Mayor Laputka this morning and he shared with me that he does not want to do the presentation of the letter of intent to Casi this week.  He would rather meet at another time right in Coleman Park and have the presentation then.  That was so it can be a photo shoot with just us and Casi and the mayor.  He said that he thinks it would make more of an impression.  so you are still welcome to attend the meeting but we will just not be doing our thing at that time.  I will make you aware as soon as I have any further information.  If you are in touch with anyone that does not have email, would you please be so kind to forward this information to them so that they will not still think that we are make the presentation as announced at the meeting.