Florida Wildflower Grant

We are excited to announce that the Village Improvement Association Orange City Woman’s Club has been conditionally awarded a Viva Florida Wildflower Grant to establish a native wildflower demonstration garden at the historic Albertus cottage.

The Viva Florida Landscape Demonstration Garden grants bring native beauty to parks, nature centers and other public spaces. These grants provide funds with which to purchase Florida native wildflowers and plants for public projects that showcase the beauty and ecological function of Florida’s native wildflowers and plants.

The goal of the Viva Florida program is to educate the public about the role of native plants in supporting native pollinators and providing wildlife habitat. The gardens will serve as demonstrations of how native wildflowers and plants can be used in home and public landscapes. The wildflower garden at the Albertus cottage will feature colorful native plants, benches for relaxing and nature watching, and educational signage. Planned future events include nature walks, plant swaps, and seed give-aways. The garden will primarily be used to inform and educate the public, while supporting native flora and fauna. Pictured below are some of the flowers we are planning to use in the garden: Purple Coneflower, Florida Teabush and Lakeside Sunflower.

We are grateful to the Florida Wildlife Foundation for this generous grant and for Mockingbird Natives Nursery for their generous donation of the landscape design, as well as assistance in planting and education activities. In addition, we wish to sincerely thank the Parks and Recreation Department of Orange City, FL, for their support and assistance. They will be providing ongoing assistance with maintenance, support, and are donating the educational signage and pine tree mulching. Without their support, this would not be possible.

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